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Dreams, Hopes, and Thoughts

Let it All Out...

Thoughts, Hopes, and Dreams
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Hey... this community is for ya'll to get out the stuff that is bothering you... any thoughts you have, any dreams you want, anything and everything is possible and never forget that ya'll!~

My name is tiffany. I am a 16 yr old senior at Collins Hill High School in Georgia. I play softball and manage the high school team. Not really sure wat all to put in here... i guess i will add more later when i think of it...

Rules for Applicants...

1. Make ur answers complete and full
2. lj cut it..
3. friends only post

Application(dont forget to LJ CUT IT)

~Favorite Color
~Ever Been In Love?
~Your Perfect Date
~Your perfect Man
~What's your worst dating disaster?
~Name A Romantic Story In You'r Opinion That Happened To You
~Why do you want to join this community?

~Pictures If you have a boy/girlfriend, feel free to post them as well.

(dont forget to cut it)

dreams, hopes, lightning, moonlight, movies(walk to remember, stars, storms, sweet home alabama...), the notebook, true love