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Clumsy me, its my life

~Name  Jenea Marie

~Age 16
~Location  Baton Rouge, La

 ~Hobbies Singing, writing love poems, gutair, colorgurad, soccer,

~Favorite Color Blue ... basicly any shade
~Status Taken happily
~Ever Been In Love? real love.. once
~Your Perfect Date to end up kissing in the rain. just a ragualr date with someone i love.

~Your perfect Man a sweet talker who doesnt take advantage of me..but i am still looking, i am only 16 i have a ways to go!
~What's your worst dating disaster? studdering badly. Then not wanting to kiss a guy, hinting to them, but they just grab your head and shove their tounge in your throat anyway!

~Name A Romantic Story In You'r Opinion That Happened To You well i was crying becuz my aunt died and my boyfriend came to the funneral and let me cry on his shoulder and i was like i am so sorry and he said no its really ok. He just made me feel so much better and then after everything. he kissed my forehead and said that he loved me, even if i didnt make his white shirt black with my eyeliner tears (corny i know, but i was feeling so down)

~Why do you want to join this community? I love to hear other peoples problems and atleast try to help them.

~Pictures If you have a boy/girlfriend, feel free to post them as well.
<img src="">

<img src="">

blonde in blue

<img src="">

on the floor

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